Jacqueline Warrington

Jacqueline runs a well established business designing and making her own range of jewellery and silverware including wedding rings and engagement rings.

Thirty two years of working and experimenting in precious metals has resulted in each piece being unique.

Individual commissions are welcome and I am happy to discuss any requirements.

I also run workshops and courses in jewellery making using traditional tools and techniques.

Please look through the many pictures on the website and contact me if you have any questions..

Jacqueline Warrington Jewellery - Click to Enlarge
Five rings, silver and gold with rhodolite garnet, amethyst and fire opal, pink tourmaline, peridot and rhodolite garnet again.
 Jacqueline Warrington Jewellery - Click to Enlarge
Necklaces and bracelets. Silver and gold.
 Jacqueline Warrington Silversmithing - Click to Enlarge
Britannia silver bowl, hand raised and chased detail.
 Jacqueline Warrington - jeweller and silversmith
Four rings - silver and gold with pink tourmaline, grey moonstone, turquoise and carnelian.

Photography by Scenic View Gallery and Andrew Joseph Howarth